Independence Day in Quarantine

Dated: 07/03/2020

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Happy Independence Day, USA! 
Because of the pandemic, the 4th will look very different this year. But that doesn't mean you won't be having a blast! Here are our ways to have a great weekend while staying safe. And don't forget to check out the bottom for fun educational games, and tips on how to keep your furry friend calm during the fireworks.
As Always: Stay Strong, San Antonio!
-Kim & Michelle
Here's our favorite activities...

Will The Show Go On?

Many of the usual events have been cancelled this year, including some of the firework displays. However, some shows are still planning to pop off Saturday night! Read this handy article to see what shows are cancelled and what shows will go on. If you can't see any shows from your home, plan ahead and find a isolated spot to watch!
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Popsicle Patriot 

 This recipe seems written for San Antonio! Enjoy the weekend by cooling off with a Watermelon Lime popsicle that's sure to be hit with everyone at home. Plus, if your looking to spice up your night, this popsicle comes with a chili salt recipe perfect for your popsicle. How very SA!
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Let Freedom Rattle

This activity is perfect for kids with a talent for noise! This craft is easy, fun, and made up materials you already have in your home. All you need is paper plates, glue, and uncooked macaroni. Kids of all ages will enjoy this noisemaker, keeping them entertained and safe. Be sure to decorate your rattle with red, white, and blue! 
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More Activities

A Guide to Dogs and Fireworks
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Mission US: For Crown Or Colony?
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Jamestown Adventure
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